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Default Yes, Get One!

Yes... get one! I did the same several years ago... found a LaCrosse station identical to one I had at a previous home for $69 on closeout at Fleet Farm. Hard-wired it all together, connected it to a 'puter and put it on Weather Underground. So, wherever I am, at work, on vacation in AZ, I can see what the weather is at my house. Definitely a fun and worthwhile project!

Originally Posted by JASII View Post
I was at my local Fleet Farm this afternoon and started looking at clocks and radios. I was sort of fascinated by some of the home weather stations. I suspect that at least some people on this forum have one. Anyway, is it something worthwhile? If so, what are some considerations to help me select one?

Or, am I overthinking this and should just be satisfied with what is available on-line and on the TV and radio stations?
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