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There is a new reality coming soon. The California economy is not going to be able to sustain itself because of housing prices is going to lead to another round of good-salary paying employers leaving the state and a real estate collapse. These are the people that pay the way for the DACA's and the fence sitters at Border Field.

Absent that, the projections that cities and counties around the state are seeing for future PERS debt is frightening. Throw in a new radio system,that will cost nothing compared to pensions and a public that will not likely vote for bonds to cover the costs it is going to be tough but dispatchers and firemen will have to be happy working in a modular dispatch center if they have to have more room, or accept pension and salary cuts. You can guess what the path of least resistance will be here? It's already started in some areas of the state, it will here too. All the 3% at 50 and 2.7% at 55 deals that cropped in in the 90's, guarantee it. These people are just about ready to retire..

Be prepared to relearn your understanding about municipal financing. It's going to get rough. Like Puerto Rico rough in some parts of the state. Contract cities in certain areas and a few places like L.A. County that had a CAO smart enough not to offer the 3 at 50 carrot will be ok too.

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