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I've got a Davis Vantage Pro2. I've had it for six years. Five years prior to that I ran an Orion Scientific weather station. So I've been 'weather aware' for eleven years now... It has a USB interface, and using a software package called Weather Display, I can log all the info from the station and access it over the internet.

I have it showing up on!mt=roadmap&z=11&ca...3600&tail=3600

On the Weather Underground


And of course, it can be accessed directly on my personal server Woodlands, Manitoba, Canada - Weather - Home

Edit... And for its worth.. The other day we had a real wind blow through. It was shaking the house. I didn't have to wonder how windy it was. My anemometer showed steady 30 to 40 MPH winds and logged a maximum gust of 50 MPH.. The TV and radio gets its info from an airport that's 27 miles away. The winds can vary quite a bit over 27 miles, so I know what my station reported was the true wind speed at my location.. Also, when I go on vacations to warm places in the winter, I can look back and see what it's like around my house...

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