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Pretty much the same APRS , COIR, etc.

Who is your web host? Looking for some minimal one just for WX. My existing host is too much$$$ for what I now use,

Originally Posted by jwt873 View Post
I've got a Davis Vantage Pro2. I've had it for six years. Five years prior to that I ran an Orion Scientific weather station. So I've been 'weather aware' for eleven years now... It has a USB interface, and using a software package called Weather Display, I can log all the info from the station and access it over the internet.

I have it showing up on!mt=roadmap&z=11&ca...3600&tail=3600

On the Weather Underground (webcam is offline there)


And of course, it can be accessed directly on my server Woodlands, Manitoba, Canada - Weather - Home
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