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Where to go from here now that the basic building blocks of a loop or dipole has proven itself - especially if you are *still* cramped for space?

1) Change the shape slightly to what will fit your situation. Perhaps more of a delta or rectangle - within reason.

2) Don't obsess over resonance! Not necessary with these broadband lossy antennas. Unlike a transmit antenna, these are this way on purpose. Makes life a bit easier actually when all you need to do is turn up the volume just a *little* bit more.

3) Invest in higher quality / lower loss transformers, especially below 3.5mhz. Enlist the aid of your local balun-winding guru or beverage enthusiast. Stick to bal-uns, and not un-un's for this project - preferably isolated. Beware of marketing lingo touting "isolated transformers", which can be a sneaky way of being just a sleeve-balun, and not TRULY galvanically / physically isolated windings. You gotta' check what the real story is.

4) Use lossy linear-loading techniques, even with loops (See G6XN book, etc) Coils on the dirt are not happy. Not so much to change the s/n ratio of the antenna itself, but to provide a lower reactance load to the transformer in use. Always keep things symetrical to try and maintain directional balance. In the case of the dipole-on-ground, perhaps end-loading wires - although if you have that kind of space, you might as well loop it!

Just some ideas for my space-cramped brethren....

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