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Limited space? Just double it with twinlead! (lamp cord, window-line etc)

Make your loop out of twinlead. At the feedpoint to the transformer, flip one side of the twinlead wires and cross-connect one of the loop wires. Attach the remaining two leads to the transformer. Instant double loop.

While it doesn't enlarge the aperture-area, this might make it a much easier match when the loop itself isn't that large to begin with. Ideally you don't want loops conductors very near each other, so I'm thinking window-line if you could stake it down safely for pets and people. BUT, since we're so lossy to begin with, perhaps zip-cord cross connected to make dual loops would be pretty expedient.

I haven't tested or modeled this to see how it would affect not only the match, but also the directional pattern across the spectrum. But I can't but help to think this would be beneficial at 160m or anyone running in reaaallly cramped spaces like only having an 8-foot square lawn.

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