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Originally Posted by BigLebowski View Post
There are multiple GPD/GCSD talkgroups that have changed names or been eliminated and the information for the Type II System wasn’t completely accurate to begin with. Also Elon PD is not even on the system anymore and hasn’t been for several years although there were a slew of talkgroups labeled Elon PD.

I think the point he is trying to make is to only submit stuff that is verified and known to be correct. For instance, someone submitted talkgroups 241 (ALARMS) and 383 (TECH SVCS) as Burlington talkgroups when in fact ALARMS is a GPD talkgroup and TECH SVCS is the Greensboro radio shop.
10-4 on that. I found one of the Elon PD TG's from the Type II system (don't remember which one right off) that was law enforcement use but I guess isn't Elon PD. The FD TAC's, EMS to Hospital and several Greensboro services seem to match. I will submit what I can verify based on usage.

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