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Default Woodpecker / Duga radar active again?

I don't believe my ears. I should be asleep since it's about 3am local time (10:00 utc)

I'm hearing what sounds like in the past what was the old Duga / Russian "woodpecker" radar on with a wide bandwidth of approx 14.100 to 14.260 mhz.

Transmission is not constant. Stays up for a minute or so, goes down for a minute, and then back up again. Definitely not amateur that's for sure.

I know some of the multiple facilities were abandoned (many online stories about it), but it sure sounds like maybe someone stashed one of the transmitters and is testing it. For fun / nostalgia? If so, stop - please.

If so, testing something like that in the amateur bands would be standard operating procedure for these guys. I've had my fill from yesteryear, that's for sure.

Location: near Los Angeles, on an Alinco R8T receiver with on-ground loop antenna. 3am local / 10:00 utc

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