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Originally Posted by Token View Post
As I said, sounders are radars, just specialized to look at the ionosphere. As such they can end up using basic waveforms that may be very similar to other radars. One way to tell a probable sounder from a probable radar is its revisit or dwell rate and time. If it looks at a given frequency / area rapidly it is likely looking for a target that changes quickly, and so it is probably a “radar” looking for man made targets. If it looks at a given frequency / area a few times an hour it is likely a sounder, since the ionosphere typically does not change rapidly.
I meant to add to this thought, but did not do so in my original post. I meant to caveat this as a general rule of thumb, not a hard, fast, fact.

The above has exceptions, of course. For example, the SuperDARN radar or various meteor / space object radars around the World.

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