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For now, look up and listen to your local repeaters. read the manual; for your radio and program it for the repeaters ( you may want to program 156.52 and 446.00 simplex also). Listen during normal commute times and in the evenings. As your handheld likely can only get into local repeaters keep the list short -you are unlikely to 'get into' repeaters more than 20 miles away until you get a better antenna. A couple of days listening should allow you to 'pick up' the local procedures. If not, wait for when the repeater is not in use, key up (wait about a second to allow the repeat to 'key up") then just state your call sign and add listening. If some one is monitoring and wants to talk they will come back. Let them know you are new and they will likely be more than happy to answer questions and help you get comfortable.

When looking up repeaters in your area make sure the ones you use are listed as 'open' -at least until you join the club or pay dues for a 'closed' one.

Welcome to the hobby and have fun
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