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Originally Posted by kb4cvn View Post
Nope, part of the radio's design protocol to display the transmitting Unit's ID (either raw LID number, or aliased Alpha-Numeric name tag) in EDACS trunking, and P-25 conventional & trunking formats.

The last radios I remember allowing you to disable UNIT ID display were the: MDR, MDX, PCS, Allegra, XPE, EMP,EMM, TNP M-PA, FMD, (Alpha) FMD, M-PA, all of which were EDACS-1 & EDACS-2 era radios.

This image is from the HELP SCREEN page in Radio Programmer....
That's what I was afraid of. I also noticed that while displaying the unit id in the top line, the bottom line shows "1" Which is what I have set for P25 Group Set (P25 Group Set: P25 CONV/ Group Name: 1 / Group ID: 1) Would it be possible to set these per channel so I can tell at least what channel it is?
Group Name: Channel 1/ Group ID: 1 - For Channel 1
Group Name: Channel 2/ Group ID: 1 - For Channel 2
John Longoria
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