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Originally Posted by jhooten View Post
Wait, You ran a Quarter wave on a magmount?

Personally I'd rather have a 1.7 swr on a quarter wave than any loaded antenna, especially one "matched" to 10 meters which leads me to believe the swr is completely off the scale of the meter.

A linyar and a mag mount, really?

See those black stripes on either side of the roof panel? They are not conductive and the middle panel of the roof is glued on. You need to bond it to the rest of the body to get a good RF ground. Then again, with a mag mount the RF ground at the antenna is practically non-existent anyway.

Unless the skip is running my guess is 20 miles at best.

Oh BTW, Even though the claimed power rating of the Wilson 5000 is 5000 watts I've seen them go into melt down at 200 watts with a 3 to 1 SWR.
I got 10 and 11 meters confused. Sorry still a noob. I wondered what those black stripes were. I assumed some glued on accent piece, but yeah I had the 1/4 wave antenna on a three magnet mount on my old truck and it worked fine. On the new truck not so much. I tried it on the corners of the bed with a bracket but the swr was still way to high for running an amp. I've been using this radio and antenna for a few months and the same radio on the older truck with the other antenna. I can easily say that the wilson works better on this truck with a flat swr than the quarter wave one did on the old truck at a 1.2 swr and better than on this one at a 1.7. The cab is my preferred place to mount any antenna because of how it's high and centralized. I had it checked for it's ground plane etc to make sure the location was optimal. I'm a novice but they guy that set it all up for me is far from a novice. I'd much prefer a permanent mount but I use my work trucks up in a couple 2 or 3 years and I'm really not sure how long I'll own this one.

One thing I can tell you on my old silverado the roof didn't flex when my antenna was pulled and pushed around, this new one does horribly. The whole roof flexes with just the single magnet wilson if I pull on the whip.
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