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Originally Posted by jhooten View Post
My CB antenna is a quarterwave on a ball mount at the passenger side front corner of the bed. It is tuned to the middle of the band, which just happens to be channel 19. To get it to 1.3 to 1 it ended up being 99 inches including the spring. This probably because of the proximity to the C pillar.

Non-skip, stock radio, truck to truck on the highway over flat ground with no static or electrical interference 15 miles is about what I can expect.
That sounds pretty good for a stock set up from what I hear, but I am not as advanced in knowledge as a lot of you guys? I never ran mine at stock power with my 1/4 wave so I don't know how it compares. My radio turns up to 42 watts. I talked from charleston wv to teays valley one time which is about 20 miles give or take. In my area the geography is usually the limiting factor for a mobile.

Do you think that having your antenna on a bed corner affects your lobes? I was afraid of that with mine and I also didn't want it below the roof line, but if yours can do 15 miles barefoot, maybe that's not a bad idea after all If I can get the swr to a reasonable level. When my buddy hooked up his analyzer to my roof mounted system he said magnetically it wasn't even seeing the truck and said I should be glad I hadn't damaged my radio yet, we tried the bed corners but he said the ground plane just wasn't optimal and thought that he could trim that wilson to a flat standing wave and get it to perform better than the 1/4 wave could on my particular vehicle (not in general, just my sad unfortunate truck). So far it is working better. I have to turn my gain down lower to cut out all the noise, and if I crank the gain all the way up I hear a lot more chatter so as far as I can tell it's an improvement.
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