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Originally Posted by jhooten View Post
Once upon a time I took a yard sale cb, hooked it to the antenna, rubber banded the ptt switch, then walked a 500 foot diameter circle around the truck with a field strength meter in hand. The needle barely moved the entire time. So, I don't believe the mounting location on a pick up sized vehicle has as much effect on the pattern as cb legends would have you believe.

At HF frequencies the body of the vehicle acts as one plate of a capacitor insulated from the other plate, the ground below it, by the tire rubber. So, the vehicle body and the ground below it are all part of the RF ground system and have an effect on the radiation pattern.
Your probably right, my buddy is a detail oriented perfectionist, so even if it is a small effect he'd care about it. I don't know what he used but it's some sort of analyzer that checks swr, and the resistance in the coax and dunno if it directly checks or if he infers from it how well your grounded but there wasn't an easy way to get a good ground plane out of my truck with a simple mount. If I wanted to spend tons of money I'm sure he could have rigged something beyond a simple mount but I'm going with my 2017 Chevy is made of low quality junk. And it's working really good. I skipped down to Florida and out to Indiana the other day on regular am
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