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Overwrite this to the SDRSharp.EXE config file. It will give the extra step sizes (Aviation, NXDN). It's easy to add extra step sizes
Also, you can edit the Band Plan to Step Size 8330 for the desired frequencies..

<add key="stepSizes" value="1 Hz,10 Hz,100 Hz,500 Hz,1 kHz,2.5 kHz,3.125 kHz,5 kHz,6.25 kHz,7.5 kHz,8.33 kHz,9 kHz,10 kHz,12.5 kHz,15 kHz,20 kHz,25 kHz,30 kHz,50 kHz,100 kHz,150 kHz,200 kHz,250 kHz,300 kHz,350 kHz,400 kHz,450 kHz,500 kHz,1 MHz" />

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