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Originally Posted by Kevin_CCR View Post
The reason I'm going with an MTS 2000 is that I would be able to use it for explorers too. How difficult is it to program it to read the NorCom trunking channels?
Programming a transceiver to receive a trunking system is different than programming a scanner. A transceiver will need to affiliate itself with the system and to do that the radio actually transmits. You would need a system key for programming the system and that information isn't in public archives. Scanners receive trucked systems in a passive mode, so there is no interaction with the network and a system key isn't needed.

As for your "exploring" use, I'm not sure what you mean. If you mean back country exploring and hiking, there are no unlicensed frequencies in the 800 MHz band. You'd need to get a license, or subscribe to an existing system. For this purpose you are better off using GMRS/FRS or MURS capable radios.
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