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Originally Posted by morfis View Post
I've never had SDRSharp default to 12500 steps for airband - it would make absolutely no sense for it to do so? With the older 25kHz channel allocation you would need to take two steps to get to each valid frequency and with the new 8.33kHz channel allocation there are times you'd potentially hear two channels at the same time.

I understand what 'snap to grid' does - I just haven't found it necessary when tuning airband - if I was going to use it on civil airband I'd want it to work at 8.33kHz steps (SDRSharp can do that BUT it would not match the ACTUAL frequency allocations and hence why the Russian plugin should be used)

Perhaps the following rough table using your settings will help show the relationship between your step size and bandwidth settings (based on 8.33kHz channelisation as that seems to be what you wanted). You will see that every second 12.5kHz step includes TWO 8.33kHz channels
Morfis, in my original post I was advising the OP that his bandwidth was too low that it should be raised to 12500, then you posted and said that I must be "confused with the step size". In my original post, I did not make reference to the stepping size. In my second post I said that the version of SDRSharp that I am using defaults to 12500 and it cannot be changed, that was in was again in reference to my original post regarding the bandwidth, nothing to do with the stepping size.
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