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Originally Posted by prcguy View Post
I suspect it could be related to the regulator transistor mod, but what I would do is swap radios and see if the problem follows the specific radio or the vehicle installation. Then you will have something to work with.

Edit: I typed before I read and I see you addressed the problem. Be aware that at CB frequencies, a single snap on bead does just about nothing and you need a bunch in series to have any effect. Or, you can get beads with a large enough center hole to wrap several turns around it.

Every time you double the number of turns through the bead you quadruple the inductance, so whatever a single wire passing through one bead does, two passes of wire through the same bead will give the same effect as four beads in series. This adds up rather quickly and one large bead on the antenna and one on the speaker lead with several turns will probably work much better.
For a couple of days now the beads I've added appear to have fixed the problem, no more feedback issues on transmit and no one reporting any ill sounding trassimissons on the other end. Here's to hoping it stays this way and this nonsense is finished with.
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