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I tried a mobile Astatic D-104 on my 980 and it sounded way too squeaky with very little bass. I was able to equalized and tame it by adding some capacitance across the mic cartridge and now its not too bad and it does punch through the noise, but I would like it to sound better. If anyone wants the value of capacitor I used I can look in the mic and post the info.

Then I tried my favorite base mic on the 980, a old Shure 526T and that rocks big time. The 526T gets very loud with no distortion and its big and full sounding like a late night FM radio DJ but with a bull horn. That at least tells me the radio is capable of very good, loud and punchy transmit audio.

If you have not made any internal adjustment to the mod limiter you should try that first, it will improve the sound and punch a little with the stock mic.
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