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Originally Posted by GamecockSJ View Post
Anytime I get near a cell tower of an 800MHz carrier it wipes out anything else on 800MHz on my BCD436HP. Does the SDS100 still have this problem?
Not a specific answer to your question but.... while the SDS seems like an improvement for many folks, others are still reporting various problems. I've seen lots of reports/suggestions (if I recall, even from the Uniden rep himself) that users should move the SDS away from electrical/noise (like PCs, cellphones, etc.). In other cases, users get little to no reception of their local system (even after trying a better antenna which most seem to do) unless they move 1/2 mile away from their house. These things say alot.

Regardless of what anyone tells you, it clearly won't be absolute. Every situation is different - location, systems, environment. You won't know til you try - hopefully it will work for you (we all want solutions - and options). On the other hand, if you decide to try it, hopefully you can return it for a full refund if it doesn't.

I myself am holding off for lots of reasons (but not because I can't afford one) -- it's first time I've done that in a very, very long time.
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