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Originally Posted by CFP387 View Post
Bill the signal should be very strong for you from the tower over at Station 82. I'm not close enough to that tower to receive the signal strong enough to avoid distortion from the Al's Knob site. My 436 would garble on about 30% of the time. When I purchased the Unication G5, I've had no trouble. The Unication's reception is just as good as my XTS5000 radio with a stubby antenna. If I lived as close to one of the towers as you do, I wouldn't have had the LSM problem on my 436 that I do. I understand that the SDS models are capable of limiting LSM like the Unication G5's but I like the size and portability of the G5.

Rowan's system is really good but I have to give credit to Al Linker on the performance of the Iredell leg of UASI too. While I receive full signal all the time on the Rowan system, I'm only one bar away from full signal on the Mooresville tower. From where you are, you may be receiving it a full signal as well.

Traveling a lot kinda ruled out the Unication.

Iím getting good performance on Mooresville tower of CLT system.

Look forward to hearing more SDS100 reports.

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