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The gentleman is considering various antennas for TV reception. Many readers here would prefer an outdoor mounted antenna, as a poster said it gives an unobstructed shot at stations that may be problematic for indoor antennas. Frequently people have good luck with modestly sized Yagi antennas placed in an attic, but limitations include metal roofs (even an ordinary roof attenuates signals) rf noise present in the house, and lack of ability to change the orientation of the antenna for signals arriving from different directions. If one of the sought-after stations is distant and using low-vhf, an outside, full-size antenna may be the only choice.
If one is lucky, and all the desired stations are using UHF , nearly at the same azimuth, and are not too distant, a 2 element "bowtie" antenna with reflector may work great indoors. I have a friend that has very good results using an indoor "bar" amplified antenna, made, I think, by GE. Perhaps the poster could fill us in on attic space availability, true rf channel of the stations, and distance/direction of desired signals. Your surrounding topography and obstructions also are factors. There are some wonderful DIY antenna plans out there on Youtube, and a quick internet search on "cord-cutter tv antennas" will give many results. I am getting a channel 7 station , 43 miles distant, using a $5 flea market antenna that is of the amplified rabbit ears/loop combination. My experience is that cheap flat panel antennas are often poor performers. Flea markets are often full of cheap antennas that have been dumped by people that gave up on broadcast tv and went back to cable. I got a sweet Terk antenna that fit that description for 2$ at the Flea, and it works very well. A big part of the solution is trying various locations, and fiddling around with the elements--in the case of rabbit ear antennas, etc, --until you get some satisfaction. If you can find a company/place that accepts returns, you might try the Moju indoor antennas. I can get about 40 channels via cheap indoor antennas, and the closest station is 27 miles.
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