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I came to that orientation handheld, then clamped it in place...old window omni got 2 bars, horizontal as shown got three bars, vertical gets 1 bar. Unfortunately, I am on the bottom floor in an apartment, so mounting options are limited. My yagi is seeing the mountain through a slit basically, which is the best position I could find for signal, which happened to be next to the lamp. :-)

I have seen some diplexer dealies for VHF/UHF, but harder to find non HAM based ones that have 800MHz. Maybe they make commercial ones for use with APX7500 dual band radios? 800MHz is the primary RX for the scanner, just a small handful of VHF and low band frequencies that would be nice to receive as well.

UPman, please suggest variable tone/EQ with bass reduction as volume increases on the new scanners!
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