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Just remember you should ONLY run it on one site at a time, and shut the decode down between switching sites so you do not run the risk of corrupting the data. The stronger your signal the better the decode. (Like when I was in Hot Springs, I could pick up 4 AWIN sites pretty good, and 2 more okay,.. and 2 others kinda/sorta... The 4 main ones I had fleshed out in like... five or six hours... The 2 okay sites took me about 4 hours each to nail completely.. The other 2... Lets just say it was frustrating lol.

Be sure on the FEED radio to have the C-CH Output to ON!

Set your FEED radio on hold on a site on the CC in use. Then once you have a good log of the site, then shut off the decode, flip to another site and hold, and start decode again.
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