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Default A Real Shame

I find it hard to believe decisions like these are being taken by, or being condoned at AOR's Senior Management level, but perhaps they are?

Goodness, the Japanese are 'canny' business people. Trying to 'get the toothpaste back into the tube' with any sort of tactic is so short sighted as to be ludicrous.

Any Company would risk destroying their reputation, which AOR's was justifiably very high as far as I am concerned.

Over the years i have praised AOR time and time again on the Net, in many places, and publicly defended them when they released firmware for the DV1 which caused problems. I know how difficult that sort of thing can be, due to really unexpected and hard to identify side effects.

They got things wrong with the DV10, I am genuinely sorry for them about that, but even sorrier for Customers regarding what appears to be happening now.

OK, it is going to cost them money, but if anyone is to blame it is within the Manufacturer's ranks, not Customers who have discovered and published them.

Surely AOR's high Senior Management should see that the Company spends some time, money and energy to get the DV10 right, and let it take its place as the 'flagship' hand held receiver that AOR, and we want it to be, rather than apparently adopting a 'Shoot The Messenger' syndrome, and/or 'if we pretend we are Ostriches this may go away' approach.

I for one want to see AOR come out of this with their reputation in tact, at the very least.

From my perspective, and I imagine I am not alone, if AOR publicly acknowledge the problems, and agree to correct them for current and new Customers, I would not hold the present DV10's problems against them, but be impressed, and in my book their reputation should and would be justifiably enhanced.
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