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Default FIXED the "het" tone on my second unit!

Originally Posted by sshermanmd View Post
Glad you're enjoying your new radio(s) so much.
You bet! I just fixed what appeared to be an annoying little heterodyne on my second unit. Kind of a misnomer being a dsp radio I guess.

Rolling through the AM bands on both of my CC Pockets were pretty clean. But, the second unit had an annoying little "heterodyne" tone on KNX 1070. Off-tuning it with the 1khz option helped, but now that I know that it was there, it was driving me nuts - my brain was looking for it now.

A two part solution was found:

I did the factory reset with the unit off, and holding memory buttons 1 and 5 at the same time for more than 2 seconds as indicated in the manual. 4 beep sounds are heard, and the display, memories and so on are reset.

Whaddy'a know - No het tone on 1070 when I manually tuned it up! BUT, once I put that frequency into memory, or any other frequency into a memory, and manually tuned back to 1070 or recalled the memory, the het was back!

Knowing that the CC Pocket was capable of reception without the tone, I searched long and hard for some sort of sequence to trick whatever was just on the edge of spec.

To make a long story short, I found it:

1) Put at least one non-factory memory into the unit.
2) Power off, and pull one of the batteries for a few seconds, and put it back in. Power back on. No more het tone.
3) Not necessary to do this for my first one. This info just in case you run into this.

Now the het is gone when manually tuned or recalled from memory.

I'm probably making it sound worse that it is. I'm picky, but this is not enough for me to return it, especially since the first one is just fine, and the fix for the second one is child's play. The sum of the parts more than offsets this one little bug, on just ONE frequency across the entire band.

That was fun. I think I like the second one better now that a little bit of my soul went into finding a solution for a dinky problem.

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