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Originally Posted by falcongsr View Post
I'm running your boatbod fork. Do you mean rtl sample rate (-S) or audio rate?

I am not familiar with "aloop". I'll take a look at it also.

I'm only using the one sound card, sending audio to the output and then back to the input. I know there should be a way to do this in software to save the extra digital-analog-digital conversion step. I was just happy to get something working in less than a day.

Every other Pi-based project took weeks of tinkering and learning, but op25 I literally just threw it together and got it working thank you.
The pi3 works best with smaller rf sample rate (-S 370000) because otherwise so much cpu gets eaten up transferring data over the usb bus. You'll have to experiment a bit to find the optimal value that allows for reliable decode with minimal overruns.

Aloop has to be configured and modloaded but it's great for connecting alsa devices for streaming solutions. I use it for darkice.
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