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Originally Posted by Boombox View Post
Microprocessor glitch somewhere... or firmware... We deal with more with our computers sometimes, so it's not that huge a deal when you think about it, just part of the game...
For most people it's not huge, but for us radio-propeller head guys it can be.

ANOTHER FIX! (same one actually for different problem)

It's kind of a back-handed testament to how good this radio is. Super low noise floor, and cc buds with a really decent frequency curve allow me to dx the internal circuitry itself to hear issues that many won't notice. That's a real tough engineering issue - especially in a package this small.

1/2 second clock pulse removal:

Listening to my classical station, where there are long quiet pauses in music revealed a 1/2 second or so clock tick way down in the noise floor dungeon. I mean WAAAY down. Still seems related to the memory storage.

If you hear these ticks way down in the noise floor, just remove the voltage from the unit by powering down, temporarily remove a battery, re-insert and power up again. Ticks are gone until the next time you write a station to a memory. Just do this again and you are back in business.

Some might accuse me of listening to the Amboy Duke's "Journey To The Center Of The Mind" too loud and too often when I was younger.

I'm stoked. Again these are issues most normal people won't even notice. I think I've reached Pocket-Nirvana now...
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