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Originally Posted by shortwaver View Post
I've got this problem with my Anytone AT-D868UV handheld radio. I didn't notice this issue before, and I have done a few firmware upgrades since I purchased it, so I don't know if the sound was introduced in one of those. I did go back one firmware version (1.29) and the sound is still there.

The sound is a ticking sound that is in relation to the colon in the clock on the lcd screen blinking on, then off, so there are two click sounds for every second. It only makes this sound when the squelch is open, and is most apparent when no one is talking on the frequency, just an open sqelch, like when someone opens the repeater but doesn't talk. It may be there when people are talking but I don't notice it.

Marc W1MCX
I can't seem to be able to duplicate your problem on CPS 1.30 & FW 2.30. Just to be clear firmware version 1.29 is for the 1st generation hardware. I'm not sure the results if you cross firmware versions.

Do you have an priority channels turned on. Often ticking or interruptions in the voice heard is the sign of priority channel on. Seeing it synced to the colon I doubt is the source of the problem only a symptom. If it goes away when the clock is off then I am wrong.


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