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Originally Posted by mmckenna View Post
Cheap coax can be part of the issue, but if it's a short cable, it's unlikely bad enough to be triggering all your issues.

Orientation of the antenna does matter. Ideally you want to match that of the transmitting antenna, which will be vertical.

An antenna in a basement, even near a window, is going to be problematic, really doesn't matter what antenna you use.

You need to get the antenna up as high as you can. While that might seem impossible with your current restrictions, there are ways to make it happen.
If you don't have a metal roof, you can sometimes put the antenna in the attic and get acceptable results. The challenge with that has to do with getting the cable from the basement to the attic. Look for existing cable paths that you can use, or route up the outside along rain gutters

Building a VHF dipole antenna and tacking up on the side of the house or under the eaves might be an option.

If none of those are an option, you might do better by putting the radio and antenna in an upstairs room with a window that looks in the direction of the rail line. Feed the audio down stairs using a bluetooth speaker, or wired external speaker.
Thank you all, some informative responses. Perhaps too I can go back and do some 'negotiations' now armed with more info. I have some ideas about how I can sneak a line outside and be stealth, perhaps if I come up with a solid proposal the boss will sign off

The cheap coax line is about 8 feet long, perhaps ditch that? Any recommendation on a better coax extension line?
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