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@Joshwaa, I would recommend using a solenoid or 4 pin relay to control your power for your radio from a fuse box. It makes things much easier when tracing faults, also if you wire an accessory or key-on hot to the relay you will avoid ever running your battery down from something being left on drawing the battery after your vehicles engine is off. The antenna ground wire to the battery is not necessary, RF grounding does not necessarily follow DC grounding physics, all that is necessary is a solid connection between the shield or mount bracket of the mount to chassis or body. Electrically it is ground, but in the RF world it will complete the capacitive load that the transmitter must see to reach peak efficiency. I.e. SWR mounting in different places on the vehicle will produce different SWR's center of the roof is best for optimal radiation L-Bracket on fender is less suitable.

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