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If your roof has asphalt shingles and not metal, you can mount an antenna in the attic. I have a few in my attic and they work very well. Get it as high as you can and away from electrical wiring to avoid electrical noise. For your purpose, just a vertical dipole would work fine.

If your coaxial cable run is only about 50 feet or less, you will be fine for 160 Mhz.

At 160 MHz, 50 feet of RG-58 is about 3db loss which is not very bad at all, especially if you have that antenna up high in the attic. If you had no loss due to cable, you would not notice the difference at 3dB loss. That is only 1/2 S unit on a receive signal strength meter. If we were working at 800MHz, that 50 foot cable run would be a little more of a problem.

Times Microwave Cable attenuation calculator. Welcome to Times Microwave | Coaxial Cable - Attenuation & Power Handling Calculator

You will of course have the challenge of running the cable through a wall into the basement. Not an easy task, but doable. If you are lucky, there will be a closet nearby above the basement that you can run the cable through the ceiling in a corner of the closet and then through the floor into the basement.
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