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Default Contacting dealers / distributors is important

Originally Posted by TMac20 View Post
Hello All,

I have asked for assistance on this issue from a distributor and have this to report to the forum as of today from a distributor;

I just sent the following enquiry to AOR in Japan a few minutes ago...

A prospective scanning receiver purchaser is interested in buying an AOR AR-DV10 or Icom IC-R30 from us.
He's asking (and some other customers are also asking similar questions)...
"OK thanks. Can you also update me on the AOR Dv10 issues that are happening with the stability and drift". Thanks,.

Is AOR planning to improve the frequency stability of the AR-DV10 re frequency drift vs. temperature, e.g. such as by fitting a higher specification reference oscillator crystal to AR-DV10s in future?

If anyone else has feedback please post.
Anyone who has, or is considering buying an AR-DV10 should look at this Facebook Group:-

It contains important information.

The first post recommends exactly the sort of email suggestion in the Quote above.

There must be many of us who want the AR-DV10 to be a success, however without the critical frequency drift problem being fixed, that is probably unlikely.

Over the next few weeks and months it will be very important to ensure the Dealers / Distributors are made aware that people who were interested, are now NOT buying the Radio until they can be assured the problems HAVE been corrected, particularly those relating to frequency drift.

I STRONGLY recommend anyone considering buying the DV10 FIRST email the Dealer they would have purchased it from, and ask them to reveal whether they have notified AOR about the problems (mentioning the frequency drift), and whether AOR have responded regarding correcting them.

Many of the current UK and European owners have already done this, however IF we have a hope of seeing a corrected DV10 emerge, that becomes the success it should be, it is imperative as many people as possible take the time to email as above.
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