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Originally Posted by PortlandRailRadio View Post
Thanks for the blessing!

I do have a crawl space behind a knee wall in the new house on the second floor... perhaps this space is suitable for an antenna? Can I just use whatever coax is laying around, such as that to transmit 70-channels of garbage to my TV, as long as I put on the right fitting (BNC I believe)?
That would very likely work better than having the antenna in the basement.

Any coax will work. 75Ω TV coax will work fine.

You don't need much of an antenna for VHF. The one you are using will probably work sufficiently. As Krokus said, even a TV antenna will work.
You can even just strip back the coaxial cable, leaving 18 inches of exposed center conductor and have a basic 1/4 wave antenna.

You can always spend more on antenna, but get what you have out of the basement first, see how it works, then decide.
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