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DHS CAP has been going through a lengthy process where they essentially said:
1) AES encryption is the ONLY standard we will approve going forward,
2) Radios that are sold with encryption and bought using federal funds WILL have AES and not some proprietary standard,
and 3) Radios sold with "proprietary" encryption like Motorola ADP will also include AES.

This has essentially boiled down into agencies using federal funds either buying radios with ZERO encryption, or with single-key AES at minimum. Usually going towards the latter since Motorola and the sort would rather do single-key AES (a la APX900) than to reinvent the wheel to pull ADP.

The reason for all this came about that less-informed police chiefs/commissioners were buying radios with ADP only encryption and then saying "well we bought radios that followed CAP recommendations". DHS essentially closed the communication gap between manufacturer and buyer.

I can be somewhat off in my description - but that is how it was broken down to me when this all went down. It didn't personally phase me one bit since we were building out the statewide P25 upgrade to be AES capable anyway.
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