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One easy place to drill for the antenna is the 3rd brake light. Remove the two screws on the outside, pull out the assembly and there it is. I only dropped the rear of the headliner, mostly to help with running the coax to the passenger side C pillar.

If I remember correctly, there was a rubber grommet I punched through to the left of the steering system against the firewall.

There is a spot for grounding to the chassis on the driver side right kick panel. You'll have to pull the plastic trim back. If you do not have the full length console, it'll be behind the drop down cup holders underneath all of the AC components. It'll be just about to the right of the gas pedal.

I'm trying to remember everything from my 2010 Ram 1500. I no longer have the truck, upgraded to a Ram 2500 last December, otherwise I'd get some pics for you.
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