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Originally Posted by kb4mdz View Post
What equipment salesman is telling you this?
Excellent point.

We are where we are today with radios primarily because of the radio company SALESMEN, interacting with know-nothing police and fire chiefs.

I knew a situation, many years ago, in the infancy of trunked radio, when a MAJOR metropolitan police department was approached by a major radio manufacturer (who will remain naMeless), and had them all but convinced that this major metro PD MUST have the latest radio system...."MUST!"

Unfortunately for the salesman, this PD had an active cop who also happened to be a radio buff, on their Tech staff. He knew, from his own research and experience, the downfall, then, of the new system. Behind closed doors, this cop gave the "cons" of the new system, and it didn't take much convincing of the PD bosses to realize it would be to the detriment of the cops on the street if they switched to a new system (not to mention the massive cost).

Some of these radio salesmen could sell ice to the Eskimos.
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