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There is a plate that blanks the no longer used clutch cable. I made a nice hole in this for all my power and antenna. I did a fender mount and also have two mounts on each rear corner of my bed (RAMBOX configuration). Of course dead center of the roof is ideal. I may do this some day. I currently have three total antenna mount options. Kenwood TM-V71A going to a Comet SBB-5NMO. I mounted the radio portion of the Kenwood under the steering column. You can tap some holes there to provide easy means of anchoring. Icom IC-7100 goes to each corner of the bed - one is NMO and the other is 3/8-24. My IC-7100 lives under the rear driver's side seat in my quad cab. Positive and negative #10's go direct to the battery. I also read after my install about the manufacturer recommendation to ground radios to nearby sheetmetal. I may change in the future. But, I am sharing a post at the battery with leads that ground to the body already.

Use this link to see all my pics.........
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