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Way back in my naMeless company tech days I was at a client's site installing new remote units for their new repeater (I think they were DC, it's been 30+ years). I had serviced their equipment a few years before when I was a tech for a GE shop so I knew some of the folks there pretty well.

The manager was talking to me about the new remotes and said the salesman said the GE remotes would not work on a naMeless repeater. I told him they would since it was an industry standard.

Our shop manager called me in his office when I got back and said the client called and demanded we take back the new remotes since the old ones would work. I was told it was company policy to not take back equipment and to go back and say I was wrong.

I refused and told him I still had GE manuals in my garage that showed the jumper settings needed to work on the new system. To his credit he let me go back the next day and test my theory.

I took the GE apart and made the jumper change (they were heavy gauge wires on large metal pins back then). The GE unit worked and the manager thanked me for being honest, then said he would keep the new remotes after seeing how old the technology was in the GE remotes.
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