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Originally Posted by trp2525 View Post
I would opt for RG6 coax which has lower loss than RG-58. You can purchase a 50-foot length of quality RG6 coax (solid copper center conductor) with quality compression connectors installed on each end for $16.99 from Solid Signal:

At the antenna end you could use an F-to-PL-259 adapter assuming the selected antenna has an SO-239 connector. If the selected antenna has an F connector, like the Scanner Dipole antenna referenced in my post above, an adapter would not be needed. At the scanner end you could use an F-to-BNC adapter ( to connect to the scanner/radio.
That is a good find on the RG-6 with connectors. It won't make a huge difference, but it would be 1.7dB loss vs. 2.9 dB for RG-58. Only issue is RG-6 is thicker and more rigid. It is easier to damage if you accidentally put a tight bend into. It won't straighten back out as well as RG-58. I would give the RG-6 a try, but just be careful not to pull on it hard if it gets snagged somewhere while routing it. I have used a lot of RG-6 for UHF and 800 MHz reception where it makes a much bigger difference in loss.
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