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Get the largest non-stick cookie sheet you can find, and just use a 1/4 wave or tri-band scanner antenna on an NMO mag mount. It sounds silly, but it works. I have used one with the cookie sheet sitting on a ceiling joist in the attic. If you want something more permanent, go with the 1/4 wave ground plane and 50-ohm coax. I know it's a age old argument among scanner buffs, but I've just never gotten onboard with using 75-ohm coax for a scanner which specifies a 50-ohm input.

A word about the Centerfire dipoles. They may work well, but a dipole like that will have a feedpoint impedance of 60-70 ohms, so if you use 75-ohm coax you will have loss at the radio end. If you use 50-ohm coax you will have loss at the antenna end. Will you notice it? Perhaps not, but it could also mean the difference between hearing that distant transmission and not. A folded dipole will match better (or a 1/4 wave GP with the radials drooped around 43 degrees).

Just some food for thought.

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