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Originally Posted by Uni1 View Post
I appreciate you insight , but do you really think most volunteers have a P25 portable they use in addition to the G5? They do not. If they had a portable, the would not need our device. When the are off listening to an adjacent county, the miss their messages. Passworded programming is for this very reason.
Sure they would need your pager. I carry two pagers, due to departments I am a member of being on different frequency bands. One pager has the second channel monitoring a department that borders two departments I belong to. We share highways, and when they go out on the highway, often one of the other departments goes out as well with mutual aid EMS. I can get a 3 to 5 minute heads up sometimes on what is going to be toned out. I know many volunteers who monitor adjacent departments.

I also have four XTS3000 radios, an XTS2500 and Harris P5100 for the departments I am involved with, since they span VHF, UHF, P25 800 9600 baud Phase I and 800 3600 baud SmartZone with digital voice ... along with a low band MT1000.

But when I am out and about during the day, with my kids, making dinner, working, I have two Minitor V pagers on me rather than n XTS2500 and XTS3000 radio hanging off of me. I know of no volunteer Fire or EMS members that walks into the grocery store, or take a walk in the park with their kids, or go out to dinner, with a P25 portable radio on them. What they have is their pager, or two pagers, so they can be alerted to calls.

If you are unaware of how your client base uses your products, may I suggest doing some further market research?
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