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Very selective - it seems to hold it's own in downtown Los Angeles, or at my suburban location on both AM and certainly FM.

What differentiates the Pocket from all the others listed is that it uses the headphone cord for FM obviously. As a random wire, you may not be able to put the headphone antenna in a null for precise positioning like you could with a whip to get it out of a multipath field, or optimize the antenna pattern well enough to dx your other station in the face of a flamethrower.

Of course all these radios being portable, want to be portable, not a fixed-station radio. Sometimes the solution is to simply move further away or go to a different park.

While I think it is a great radio that uses the power of the SiLabs chip to great benefit, I wouldn't use it as the "benchmark" for this small travel format. For that type of evaluation, get the Skywave.
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