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Default RDF Mapper

Latest news:

In 2016 I posted a call for help on my website for developing a Mapping program that plots my own RDFbearings on the map.
That wish was fulfilled by Jonathan Musther from New Zealand.
In the past month we cooperated to develop a new version: RDF Mapper.
This new program is much better compatibel to all possible oprerating systems
Additionally it offers the option to upload your own bearings and download and plot bearings from remote RDF stations at the same time.
So everything conveniently on the same map.
Testing is finished, I cant' find a way anymore to frustrate or upset it, so it's time for publication.
I don't have to explain to you that multiple RDF's in such a network are a massive tool to get to a radio source fast and efficiŽnt.
Jonathan asks approx. 27 dollars for a user license which is a bargain in my opinion, considering what you get for that plus considering how much time and effort went into this.
Jonathan also offers to deliver customized versions, all against a very modest price.
I worked with him for the last 2 years now and I can surely recommend you to do business with him.
His website:
RDF Mapper
My own explaining:
PA8W Radio Direction Finding

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