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Default Mission Helo Radio Traffic

Originally Posted by K5BBC View Post
No "Air Traffic Control" involved. The choppers may coordinate among themselves on various frequencies, and a dispatcher of some sort may be involved in coordinating who's on the pad.
K5BBC is correct - there is no "air traffic control". Any coordination that is required to keep helos safe (apart) is done either by MAMA MEDCOM (TG 51584) on VIPER or by the helos themselves talking to each other, usually on 123.025, 123.050, or MAMA MEDCOM on VIPER. An example of this occurred yesterday when both MAMA1 and MAMA2 were airborne on missions near each other. MAMA MEDCOM advised one to stay on the north side of I-40 and the other to stay on the south side of the interstate. They were also advised to be in touch with each other on 123.025.

On another note, Mission has previously announced that MAMA2's base would be moved from Angel Medical Center in Franklin due to the fact that the base there is below the "fog line" which prohibits MAMA2 from flying about 40% of the time. So far, no new site has been announced,

Franklin, NC
Franklin, NC
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