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Originally Posted by Lauri-Coyote View Post
For what my opinion is worth, I am not in favor of this Parity Bill.
While it may be heresy here to say this, I don't want to see HOA contracts, openly entered into by residents, subverted by the Feds for the benefit of a special class.
If you bought property in a covenant protected community that excludes amateur radio antennas, what part of the sales contract did your attorney not explain to you in the clear tones of "No".... ?
This is a private property issue; do you want yet another intrusion in our lives by the dictates of the Federal Government- even if it would favor ham radio? Will it next be the USDA and the hobby class hog growers ?

I understand your point. It's a valid one - should the government interfere with private contracts. Or, in today's environment perhaps it would be more accurate to say "to what extent" instead of "should"

That being said, where I am (Indiana / Florida) it is difficult to impossible to find a home constructed in the last 20 years or so that isn't in a development where the developer instituted an association. Sadly, these associations tend to attract the least capable / worst boards who in turn hire questionable management companies. To wit: we have a neighbor who's wife has breast cancer. He has an aortic aneurysm. They are doing everything they can to make ends meet. The dues are $300 a year, but just not within this family's current budget. The board's response is "sounds like you're too poor to live in our exclusive neighborhood."

I wouldn't necessarily want my neighbor installing a 150' self supporting tower with a tri-bander and WARC beam. But a Ringo Ranger on the back side of the roof, or a dipole, or a vertical wouldn't bother me and isn't nearly the "massive property value killing eyesore" a realtor (venom for them reserved for another time) would say.

Likewise, our association says that any form of solar power (even panels on the back side of the roof) are "value killers".

Something needs to give - there should be reasonable accommodations. There has to be limit to how often the "destroys property values" card can be played. It's the real estate equivalent of "because I said so" - can't be proven, highly subjective, easily conflated with the cyclical nature of real estate market, etc.

Alight. Enough ranting. Bottom line - some reasonable accommodations are needed because it's impossible to avoid these associations anymore and because they're ran by people with no qualifications or a real estate background.
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