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Originally Posted by kg9nn View Post
Alight. Enough ranting. Bottom line - some reasonable accommodations are needed because it's impossible to avoid these associations anymore and because they're ran by people with no qualifications or a real estate background.
I've gotta agree with Ms. Coyote on this one. When I purchased my house, I had a huge stack of paperwork that my wife and I had to read and sign.
We sort of drove the agent nuts, because we actually read the documents before signing them. That included the part where I agreed that I would not raise livestock of any kind on my property.
So, hobby hog farming is out, I knew that going into the deal. Not that I'd want to raise hogs.

I'm not in an HOA, and that was one of the things we decided when we went house shopping. It's not hard to find non-HOA areas. Yeah, you are probably not going to find many new homes that are not part of an HOA, but there are plenty of older homes that are not.
In fact, my back fence is the dividing line between an HOA controlled "over 55" neighborhood and my "anything goes" non-HOA neighborhood, much to the annoyances of my "over the fence" neighbors.

As for HOA boards, everyone I know who's in an HOA has a board made up of the residents. When my parents moved into a new home a few years ago, my dad made dang sure he got on the HOA board. Same reasons you complain about, he didn't want some jackwagon making stupid rules about where he could live.
And it worked well. Not only did he get on the HOA board, but he's been president for the last 5 years or so.
It's like voting, complaining about the HOA board but not willing to be a part of it is an issue. If you don't like what your HOA is doing, then act to make some changes.

As for amateur radio operators, I'm not convinced that someone holding an amateur radio license automatically makes them the sharpest tool in the shed. Some hams are not smart enough to think about their actions. Sure, the HOA might not let you put up a tower and beam, but there is a lot you can do with a wire, hidden antennas, low profile, etc. Moving into a neighborhood knowing full well that it's HOA controlled, then wanting the rules to change because of your hobby is getting to be on the silly side.
"reasonable accommodations" are exactly that. There are lots of low profile antennas that can be put up. It takes a little work, and may not be something you can buy pre-built off the internet, but it's possible.

I'm sure some variation of this will pass. Hopefully it's got some controls in it to keep it from getting abused.
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