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And here is another fact to chew on: Unless you got some kind of grandfathered clause you do not own a damn single piece of land in this nation. If your paying property taxes you do not own that land. Period. Think you fully own it, stop paying for it every year then. Lets see how long it takes before your out on your butt and a bank or land bank of an municipality/county/state is selling/auctioning off what you claim is yours? DO you have a legal document that says you have the full mineral and water rights on this parcel that you think you own? Put that into your mind before you go into the other battles of so called property rights and aesthetics vs property values etc... There is no winning in this game, there is only being a legal step ahead. Read the paperwork and the microscopic legalese at the corners, bottom of pages, and underneath the main textual areas.... And then run out of ink signing in triplicate. Do not want to play the game by that teams rules on their home field? Find another field and team to play with. And lets not talk about if your bordering any Municipal/County/State, or Federal properties.. AKA so called Public Lands.... Two words to prove you do not own crap... Imminent Domain.
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