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One doesn't have to believe in something to find it interesting. I'm here for my amusement, nothing more. If I didn't get that, I wouldn't be here. I'll admit that there would be some satisfaction in getting someone such as yourself to admit that faith is entirely based on a premise with no evidence, but realistically, I don't actually expect that to happen.

I suspect you harbor similar hopes that I'll declare that Jesus is my Savior. But that's not going to happen, either.

We'll just continue to butt heads in the middle. It's all in fun...

Originally Posted by CrabbyMilton View Post
You may find this hard to believe but I really donít mind covering old ground.
I have nothing to gain by telling you this but you seem to enjoy talking about something that should have no interest in the world to you.
Keep it up this is interesting to me.
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