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Originally Posted by CrabbyMilton View Post
Well that's your God given opinion ZZ.
If I worshipped a god, she'd be ok with my opinion.

Originally Posted by CrabbyMilton View Post
Just because some denominations have different doctrinal approaches as well as practice, that doesn't mean they are wrong.
And conversely, it doesn't mean any of them are right.

There is only one truth about religion out there. None of us know what it is. If god exists, there is no objective evidence that would draw a completely neutral outside observer to that conclusion.

It gets down to faith, which is defined as a belief in something that had no supporting evidence. Invoking something as the true word of God that is either excluded or refuted by other religions can only mean that some or all of the religions are wrong in their determination as to what constitutes the true words of God.

Religion used to think comets predicted disaster, and epileptic seizures were the work of the devil. We now know what both are, and religion is in retreat. History is loaded with many such retreats, to the point that there just isn't much left.
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